Cyclone Freddy Causes Mass Devastation

March 2023 – We are sure that you will have seen the devastating impacts of Cyclone Freddie on the people of Malawi.
Our projects are situated in 8 districts of Malawi with the Headquarters in Blantyre where the worst of Freddie’s fury was felt. More than 400 people have already died in the disaster.  People continue to dig through the mud to try to find their family members. Over 19,000 are now homeless.
We have been working in Malawi since the year 2000, with a strong track record of being able to provide community centred responses in times of emergency and disasters as well as providing long term programmes that meet the development needs of some of the most vulnerable communities.
Every gift given by Lifeline Fund donors will enable the team on the ground to provide the most urgent assistance to ensure the needs of children, families and other vulnerable adults are met in these devastating times:
  • £25 for clean water – provide plastic containers and water purification tablets
  • £10 hygiene and sanitary pack
  • £65 Food for a family of five for one month as they rebuild their lives. (includes 50Kg bag of maize, beans, cooking oil  and sugar)
  • £20 provide seeds and tools to help them to restock and plant in the new season
  • £15 Emergency plastic sheeting for a family to provide shelter
Should you wish to make a donation, our bank details are listed or simply click here.