Say ‘Cheese’

I think we just about managed to squeeze all of the children from our Phalombe Centre into the photo. They are proudly showing off their new uniforms kindly funded by Hasland Baptist Church. With a total of 2969 children needing school uniforms, it’s a bit like painting the Forth Bridge – we just get finished only to discover that they’ve all grown and we need to start all over again!

We now also give out ‘day clothes’ to the children at the same time. This is because we noticed that soon after receiving the new uniforms, they began to look very shabby after just a few weeks. We discovered that, for many of the children, the school uniform was actually the only clothes they owned so they wore it all day, every day. It’s a time of huge excitement when they are given 2 sets of clothes – uniforms (which are tailor made for every individual child) and casual clothes to wear when not in school.