Please take a moment to watch the video below and meet some of the wonderful children supported by the Lifeline Fund.

The Lifeline Fund: Helping Orphaned Children in Malawi, East Africa. from Mike Thornton on Vimeo.

The Lifeline Fund has one, united aim ….

…. to give hope and opportunity to the orphans and vulnerable children under our umbrella of care.  We have been operating in Malawi since 1999 when we set up our first children’s centre at Namisu, Southern Malawi.

We have certainly grown since then and now have 12 children’s centres, including the Dawn Centre, a specialist home for children with varying disabilities.  In addition we have built 4 schools and 3 health clinics helping rural communities who previously had little access to either education or basic medical care.

The Lifeline Fund provides care and education to over 3,000 beautiful children.  Our care includes providing breakfast before school as well as a hot and nutritious lunch when school has finished.  We pay school fees as well as vocational training and college fees for students after they complete their secondary school education.  Our aim is always to provide them with the education and skill-set to enable them to become completely self-sufficient when the time comes for them to leave our care.

We are very proud to have sponsored students to become teachers, nurses, journalists, carpenters, mechanics and tailors to name but a few.  Our first doctor is about to graduate too!

Sadly the need and sheer number of people living in extreme poverty in Malawi is huge and, in order to help those simply unable to help themselves, we run infant rescue programs as well as providing maize relief to elderly and disabled people who, without our assistance, simply would not manage to survive.

Please take a minute to look around our website where you will learn more about our projects and, more importantly, meet some of our wonderful children.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Fund Co-ordinator, Josie Charter, for any additional information, email: coordinator@lifelinefund.org.uk