Day and residential care

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Most of our children are looked after on a day care basis. This enables them to remain in their communities, not isolated in an orphan village. It keeps them connected to their home communities. We are able to supplement the work of their guardians, often members of their extended family. Depending of each child’s needs we can provide two meals a day (breakfast and lunch), the safety and security of a daycare centre with nursery education, access to primary and secondary education, training in agriculture and access to healthcare.

We have found that there is a minority of children who because of abuse by their guardians or because they have been completely abandoned need residential care. To provide for this we have begun building small residential units to run alongside our daycare centres.

Here is some information on each of our daycare centres:

Bethel: Here we have a total of 106 daycare children.

Funsani: Here we have a total of 176 daycare children and 15 in residence.

Gomani: here we have a total of 153 daycare children and 17 in residence.

Kambilongo: Here we have a total of 138 daycare children and 11 in residence.

Khombwe: Here we have a total of 114 daycare children.

Lisungwe: Here we have a total of 215 daycare children.

Maliya: here we have a total of 151 daycare children and 18 in residence. We are in process of building an additional residence so that we can take in xx more children in desparate need for residential accommodation.

Mwanza: Here we have a total of 116 daycare children.

Namaritha: Here we have a total of 118 daycare children.

Namisu: Here we have a total of 312 daycare children and 115 in residence.

Ngabo: Here we have a total of 219 daycare children.

Thyolo: Here we have a total of 122 daycare children and 16 in residence.