Our new driver!

Madalitso at home

Madalitso (translated as Blessings), couldn’t believe his luck when he was not only given his first ever ride in a car but also a turn at driving! Under the careful watch of our Executive Administrator, John Kang’ombe, he took us on a short tour of the village.

It was only when he insisted on taking us to visit his house and show us his bed that we learned of his story.  Madalitso lives in a mud hut with his siblings in a child-headed family, the oldest being his sister, aged 16, who has the responsibility for the 4 younger children. Here he is proudly showing off his ‘bed’ which is a fertiliser sack that he crawls into at night.

AquAid Lifeline will do all we can to ensure that this young family has a stable future.